Object: original Japanese woodblock print
Genre: ukiyo-e 浮世絵 pictures of the floating world

Artist: Kikukawa Eizan 菊川英山 (1787-1867), signed Kikukawa Eizan hitsu 菊川英山筆
From the series: Fashionable Puppets 風流あやつり人形
Print title: Princess Anju and Sansho the Bailiff あんじゅ姫 山庄太夫
Print subject: the young Anju 安寿, reduced to slavery, collecting buckets of salt water; in the top right inset the puppet of the evil Sansho 山庄 being manipulated by puppeteers discretely clad in all black

Publisher: Mikawaya Seiemon 三河屋清右衛門 aka Shimizu 清水
Censor’s seal: kiwame 極

Material: washi 和紙 Japanese paper
Technique: nishiki-e 錦絵 multi-coloured woodblock printing

Period: ca. 1814-17
Condition: overall fair, patina of age, small imperfections on the margins, slight signs of central horizontal folding, major defects in the central part of the upper margin, restorations on the back
Dimensions: 26,5 x 37,5 cm

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